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Christina's Linux adventures, part 2.

(If you haven't done so, read Part 1 of this series.)

The next morning, when Christina woke up, she found the above note.

This is what Tips-and-Tricks-1.txt said:

Hello, Christina!

Try the following commands!

$ bb

$ fortune

Every time you run fortune, you get a new fortune cookie. Try it.

Now, try this:
$ echo "Hello, Christina!" | boxes -d santa
$ echo "Hello, Christina!" | boxes -d boy
$ echo "Hello, Christina!" | boxes -d girl
$ echo "Hello, Christina!" | boxes -d cat

If you want to see all available "boxes", type
$ boxes -l

You can always pipe the output of one command to an other!

$ echo "Hello, Christina!" | boxes -d cat | lolcat


$ fortune | boxes -d cat | lolcat

or even.....

$ fortune | cowsay | boxes -d cat | lolcat

Remember, you have already used the following commands:

ls -l

You can see your terminal history by typing 
$ history

After she tried all the above, I heard what every geek dad wants to hear:

Is there a way to make this fortune cookie appear every time I log in?

Yes!!! She has questions!!! Now, we are in business.

We edited .bashrc and added fortune | boxes -d cat | lolcat at the end.

An other thing she tried was a box, within a box, within a box, something like fortune | boxes -d mouse | boxes -d cat | boxes -d dog

She spent a big part of the day trying various combinations of the commands she knows.

Our day, ended with this.

Dad, I think the terminal is my favourite app.