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The "Personal Mall" Concept

Yesterday I set up Things I Bought, which is what I call a "personal mall". A personal mall is a personal website presenting items the owner (or blogger) actually bought and used. Those things may be diverse in a way: books, gadgets, t-shirts, you name it. On the other hand, they are the items bought by a certain person, which means that people of similar interests may possibly like them too.

You could say that this is not something new, sites like gizmodo exist for a while. But the editors of such sites rarely BUY the things they review. This is why they may review things that cost $20.000 -do not expect to see anything like this at Things I Bought!

Opening an account at Commission Junction, Amazon and other on-line shops with affiliate programs is easy (plus you get the commision when you buy things!), then open an account at Blogger, and your private mall is up and running!

I expect to see more bloggers opening "personal malls".

Remember you read it here first! :-)

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