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VPNR-060805 #41

Series of Tubes (Ted Stevens)
+ series of tubes, Bold Headed Broadcast [PMN]

- καύσωνας, Πράσινες στέγες (Μίμης Ανδρουλάκης @ourmedia.org) FOLLOW-UP
- Going Digital (learning and shooting) Distributing the future
- Eureka
- MythTV στο G4
- Video on Demand απο vivodi
+ Firefly, Kevin Burdick [PMN]

- social media, όχι user generated content
- youTube serves 100m videos/day
- Nielsen podcast ratings
- Aneksarthto Mhlo is back!!!
- BlogTalk Radio
+ Not on the Radio, Geoff Smith [PMN]

- Kyriakos audio comment
- podcasts για διακοπές
+ Remote Control, Ampliphonic [PMN]

- Free calls from Gizmo , FON+Skype , wifi+telephony @ NYT
- Skype on Nokia 6880
+ Liberty Jones, The Shakes [PMN]

- MusicGremlin mp3 player + wifi
- Zune
- Zune @ engadget
+ Sparkling Woman, Daiki and Little Wings [PMN]

- Switching from Mac to Linux trend… (Cory Doctorow, Mark Pilgrim, Bryan O’Bryan)
- Open Source Citizenship (Jeremy Zawodny) - Greek BloggerCon, συζήτηση @ nylon.gr
- monitor, b r e a t h e + περιοδικό Αρχιτέκτονες
+ Summertime, Brother Love [PMN]

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