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VPNR-060826 #42

+ Download This Song, [MC Lars]

- End of music piracy? (Martin Varsavsky)
- Secrets of the Pirate Bay

+ Slow Motion [billmusic.net] (Blue Roof Session)

- Google Notifier for Mac
- Cocoa Firefox
- Shiira browser for OSX
- Another SoftPBX Launches

- SONY Mylo
- Nokia 770
- Amazon Unbox (amazon video store?)

+ Famous, The Lascivious Biddies [PMN]

- monitor αλλαγές
- wordpress widgets
- beta.blogger.com +labels +permissions +page elements (feed, js, links)

+ Sun again will shine, slackstring [PMN]

- YouTube’s Ads Blur Lines
- lulu.com
- Digg vs Netscape (and the top100 users market)
- webz.gr
- MindBlog
- CeBiL.gr
- news.phigita.net

- Ποιά τεχνολογία θα σας πείραζε να σας κόψουν; Internet, κινητό, τηλεόραση, ραδιόφωνο, σταθερό τηλέφωνο;

+ Do they have e-mail in heaven? Jim Terr [PMN]

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