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Planet LRR

cellular automata + art + NFT

Today I'd like to introduce you to my latest passion: Planet LRR. // @vrypan

Planet LRR is actually a mathematical object, disguised as a painting. It's the result of a very very simple process called "cellular automata". This is where it got its name from: Left, Right, Right. // @vrypan

The actual process to generate Planet LRR took 2 million steps but you can see the genesis of Planet LRR (the first 30-something thousand steps) here: videos.files.wordpress.com/fFp... // @vrypan

The reason I find it fascinating is that all this complexity comes from such a simple rule. Which is actually an existential or cosmological question: is our universe with all its complexity the result (or governed by) some very simple rules/laws? // @vrypan

To my knowledge, there are no (or at least very few?) pieces of art that try to explore these questions. My turmites.art project is an effort to make works (of art?) about these great questions. I hope you like it. :-) // @vrypan

You can find more about Planet LRR here: turmites.art/gallery/planet-lr... // @vrypan

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