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how to notify superfeedr

Sending real-time notifications to subscribers that your feed has been updated, is not that hard, you just have to make use of PuSH (PubSubHubbub).

The easiest way to “enable” PuSH for your feeds is:

  1. create a free account on superfeedr.com
  2. edit your feed according to the instructions here
  3. ping superfeedr (instructions)

Step 3 may sound a bit tricky, but it’s actually the simplest part. I ping superfeedr using curl from the command line, after I upload the new HTML pages and the rss.xml feed for this blog on amazon s3:

curl -X POST http://vrypan.superfeedr.com \n
-d "hub.mode=publish" \n
-d "hub.url=http://blog.vrypan.net/rss.xml"

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