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testing my webmentions server

This is a test post to try my own webmentions endpoint at www.listnr.net.

About a year and a half ago, during my ever lasting quest to setup a blog the way I want it to be, I read about Webmention, a modern replacement for pingback and trackback.

Since then, I've tried some ways to show webmentions in my blog, but none of them worked exactly like I wanted. So, I put together my own webmention server (runs on Google App Engine).

I would appreciate if you could send a webmention to this page to help me test the thing :-) It supports replies, likes and reposts and if it can't decide, it will just call it a "mention".

Webmentions may take up to five minutes before they appear (in a "tumblr-like" way I like a lot) under a post.

I've also setup brid.gy to track my twitter and facebook posts and send back webmentions to the related blog post when someone favors, replies and retweets my tweets referring to my blog posts. It may sound complicated, but if you reply to this tweet on twitter and your reply should appear under this post shortly.

BTW, you can also use my server for your own blog, just sign in at www.listnr.net. Of course, it's experimental, I'll probably have no time to work on this for the next couple of months, I can't guarantee it will keep working for ever, etc. —but if you feel like it, be my guest :-)

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