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2016 1


Making GitHub part of my publishing workflow #en #howto #github
How I'm using a github repo as a notebook, and the first steps towards hosting my blog on github. 

2015 1


Post to your GitHub-hosted blog using a simple bookmarklet. #en #howto #jekyll #github
jekyll-post-via-web is a simple HTML page that lets you update your GitHub-hosted Jekyll blog using your browser. 

2014 1


Why and how we put our terms of service on github. #en #howto #github
It's nice to say that you are customer-centric, customer-first, etc, but what really matters is how much of this you are willing to put down on paper. Your Terms of Service are the actual contract between you and your clients, not your keynote presentations, or your posts on Facebook and twitter. 

2012 1